With this project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Telecommunications (Minaet-Sinac) of Costa Rica, we aspire to help the eco-systems in our local region, an area which has been historically affected by intensive agriculture.

Currently, with the decrease in agriculturalactivity and new environmental consciousness plus the booming of ecotourism as a generator of work and development, a restoration of natural species has favourably presented itself as a priority to our establishment Hotel Paraiso Carlisa. For that reason, 110ha (hectares) of the estate have initially been transformed to reforest the environment with native species. After almost 20 years and more than 20000 planted trees we could say that something has been done.

Following the idea in helping our main provider nature and realizing that in this part of the country there hadn't existed installations of this kind, a thought of a possibility to create a lodging shelter for welcoming, rehabilitating, and finally liberating the wild species to their natural environment-those that had been injured, in need, or adopted, etc....was found.


Since the beginning we were aware of the difficulties in working with various species, and the involved dangers for our guests and admitted animals. Calculating our investment, our installations, although without wide-ranging size, claim to adapt to specific groups of fauna, not very large, always giving priority to the well- being and good treatment in order to facilitate their best recovery and finally liberating them to the most appropriate area.

We have at our disposal a Veterinarian clinic where we admit the animals and provide an initial treatment with 8 stables for reception, 2 cages for rehabilitation designed to catch birds, another ideal area for the recovery of reptiles, a cage for arboreal mammals, another for small terrestrial mammals, plus a large fenced area where various white tail deer are recovering.

Finally, a 2 hectare area of semi-freedom has been established for adaptation to freedom before the definite release of the individual animals.

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