Having the idea of returning a part of what nature provides us, a decision was made to create a rescue centre for threatened animal life (fauna). Next to our hotel installations, our objective is to benefit wildlife and boost the estate´s capacities into a biological corridor, restore the eco-system and reforest with native species. Through these activities the adjacent communities can have improved repercussions, encouraging economic activity through quality ecotourism, development, and environmental education.

The more than 100 hectare estate with large areas and private environments has an area of great natural extension which has managed to preserve the indigenous forest. It also has other areas of paddocks, pastures, and thickets in regeneration on which we are working in restoring the original ecosystem.

Whilst we are surrounded by tropical jungle, we are first and foremost sensitive to the plight of wild animals forced to abandon their natural habitat because of intensive farming. With the support of the Ministry of Environment, we have built a wild animal rescue centre that cares for endangered species and reintroduces them to a natural habitat in which they can thrive.

We have an animal hospital, a quarantine centre and a supervised area in which animals can recover and be prepared for their release. 

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